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all of you who didnt come out tonight are disowned... well not quite

if you didnt go to any shows toingiht yo ushould have. i saw some really amazing work tongiht. pretty much, i would suggest going over to castleberry and just walking around and going ot all of the shows that are up right now. you will see some good stuff. that whole area has gotten really gentrified but the yuppies havent moved in yet. very up and coming place though. you should check it out.

i will be posting a shit ton of openings this weekend.

also, my zine will be published very soon... i will keep yopu posted.

on another note, i have been reading this magazine lately called frieze that is a british publication, but it has some really well written articles on the state of art today. reading it makes me want to move to london for a little while. anyways, its kinda pricey but they sell it at borders. ifg nothing else you should just go sit in the store for a little while and thumb through it.
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