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Illusions are art, for the feeling person, and it is by art that you live. [entries|friends|calendar]
we like art a lot cause its fun

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... [20 Feb 2010|12:45am]




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Иванов Евгений "Кольцевая дорога" [14 Jan 2010|02:39pm]

Иванов Евгений

Кольцевая дорога

акварельная бумага/акварель 30см x 40см 2010 г.


The Circle Road by Eugene Ivanov

30 x 40 cm, watercolours

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Иванов Евгений "Три сестры" [04 Jan 2010|01:36pm]

Иванов Евгений

Три сестры

акварельная бумага 20см x 30см 2009


The Three Sisters by Eugene Ivanov

20x 30 cm, watercolour

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... [17 Dec 2009|10:29pm]

Иванов Евгений

Поздний гость

акварельная бумага/акварель 30см x 40см 2009 г.


A Late Guest by Eugene Ivanov

30 x 40 cm, watercolour $265.00

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... [08 Dec 2009|08:39pm]

Иванов Евгений

Номер с саблями

акварельная бумага/тушь 29см x 40см 2009 г.

The Number with Sabres by Eugene Ivanov

29 x 40 cm, Watercolor paper, Ink $99

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... [05 Dec 2009|07:03pm]

The Winter Jazz by Eugene Ivanov

30 x 20 cm, watercolor, $165

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Иванов Евгений "Ветеран невидимого фронта" [02 Dec 2009|09:39pm]

Иванов Евгений

Ветеран невидимого фронта

акварельная бумага/акварель 30см x 20см 2009 г.

The Veteran of the Invisible Front. Original watercolour paint by Eugene Ivanov, 30 x 20 cm

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... [26 Nov 2009|06:26pm]

Иванов Евгений

В Кафе

картон/масло 28см x 19см 2009 г.

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[28 Jan 2005|01:54pm]

Show at Saltworks tonight.

MOCA GA tomorrow.
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august 20&21&22. [12 Aug 2004|05:14pm]

Hey there. New poster here.

Upcoming shows:

The Dual
Tindel & Michi Collaboration

Sat Aug 21
complimentary cocktails from 9-10
$5 entry

Located in Midtown at The Defoor Centre

The Greatest Art Show Ever...
Tindel & Michi have created NEW Original Artwork in "THE DUAL" Collaboration Experiment. The event will also feature over 50 limited edition Giclee's available for purchase. Also featuring Rich Jacobs with "Never Sleep".

More info:

Sneaker Pimps Atlanta
A collection of rare limited vintage and artist collaborated sneakers

More Dusty Than Digital in Little Five Points
1139 Euclid Avenue Atlanta, GA 30307

Friday 20th of August .::. Opening Night .::. 8:30pm till
VIP GALA .:. complimentary bar .:. live customizations
w/DJ's .:> MEGA .:> DJ Solomon .:> Hakim aka. DJ Dream

General Viewing Days
Saturday 21st .:. 10am - 12am
Sunday 22nd .:. 10am - 12am


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OPENING TO GO TO!!!!!! [03 Aug 2004|10:55pm]

alright, saturday is the first night of shedspace this august.

go to www.shedspace.org for directions and the other openings. you should def. o and check this out. it was one of the most worhtwhile things i did last summer. and if nothing else. the opening this saturday is all edible. so free food. and if you dont likethe art you can eat it so you dont have to look at it. so there you go. check out the link. if its looks like something of interest than go see it.
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stuff. [21 Jul 2004|02:52pm]

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia (MOCA GA) invites you
to the second season of
ArtMERGE: Atlanta West
Clark Atlanta University Galleries: Anima of the African Diaspora
& Spelman College Museum of Fine Art: Carrie Mae Weems

Saturday, July 24, 2004
Reservations Require Space is Limited

Reservations for Atlanta West:
$15 for members, $20 for non-members

Reservations for both remaining ArtMERGE outings (listed below):
$25 for members, $35 for non-members

Bus leaves the Museum at 2 p.m.

This Museum outing, scheduled for SATURDAY, JULY 24 at 2 p.m., will take participants to two of Atlantas most exciting African American exhibition spaces, Clark Atlanta University Galleries and the Spelman College Museum of Fine Art. During this ArtMERGE, participants will travel from MOCA GA by bus to each venue where they will be given a private tour of each exhibition.

Clark Atlanta University Galleries:
The Anima of the African Diaspora is inspired by the National Black Arts Festival theme, Sister Fire: Creative Expressions of Women of the African Diaspora. Through a broad selection of works from the universitys permanent collection (enhanced by a few loans), this exhibit presents painting, prints, sculpture and textiles by women of color and reflections of Black women produced by both female and male artists. In concert, these works depict the maternal soul of the African Diaspora, a tenacious spirit that survived displacement, subjugation, and through ingenious mother wit enabled fragments of an indigenous culture to permeate the aesthetics of Western civilization in varied forms. The thirty-nine illustrations by deceased and living artists include Sheila Pree-Bright, D.E. Johnson, Gabi Nkosi, and Bongi Bengu of South Africa, Coreen Simpson, Lilian Blades, Mildred Thompson, Nellie Mae Rowe, Lucinda Bunnen, Marquetta Johnson, Hattie Miles, Lois Mailou Jones, John Biggers, Marion Perkins, Jim Alexander, Hale Woodruff, John Wilson, Calvin Burnett, Lonnie Graham and many more. Through the artists visual explorations, documentation, analysis and simple honoring of the African feminine presence, the works collectively convey cultural compassion.

CAU Art Galleries will also feature Hail to Hale Woodruff, a satellite display of prints and paintings by celebrated artist and professor Hale Woodruff (1900-1980), which will compliment the High Museum of Arts exhibition of Woodruffs Atlanta public housing murals executed in the 1930s. As the first professor of art in higher education in the state of Georgia, joining the Atlanta University faculty in 1931, Woodruff established art departments at AU and Spelman College. However, his greatest contribution to the Atlanta art scene is the Art of the Negro mural series (1950-1951) composed of six 12 x 12 foot panels and the extant permanent collection of art by African-Americans on view at CAU Art Galleries.

The Spelman College Museum of Fine Art:
This exhibition features two recently completed series by internationally renowned artist Carrie Mae Weems. The Louisiana Project incorporates still photography, narrative and video projection as part of an exploration of culture, gender and race. While the series examines the complex history of New Orleans and the conflation of cultures that have resulted, the implications extend far beyond Louisiana. Using the symbolism of shadow play and the mirror as means of reflection, The Louisiana Project investigates how perceptions of history, black women, race relations and sexual identity have been shaped. Commissioned in 2003 to commemorate the Bicentennial of the Louisiana Purchase, this installation was organized by the Newcomb Art Gallery of Tulane University.

The muse that prompts contemporary viewers to challenge their own perceptions in The Louisiana Project, is also featured in Dreaming in Cuba, a series of silver prints that is inspired by the history and people of Cuba. Weems, positioned as a muse who is immersed in the landscape, home and workplace of the Cuban people, raises questions about the essence and spirituality of social revolution.

MOCA GAs ArtMERGE promotes awareness of the diversity of the arts found in Atlanta and is an exciting opportunity to visit venues across the city.

404-881-1109, or INFO@MOCAGA.ORG

Upcoming FALL ArtMERGE:
Castleberry Hill Arts District, Saturday, September 18, 2004
Marcia Wood Gallery (Katherine Taylor and Cameraless Photography curated by Lisa Kurzner), Skot Foreman Gallery, and Stable 1897 (alternative space and artists studios).

Reservations required
Spaces are limited

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia
1447 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA 30309
404-881-1109 (tel)
404-881-1138 (fax)

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all of you who didnt come out tonight are disowned... well not quite [17 Jul 2004|12:29am]

[ mood | hyped ]

if you didnt go to any shows toingiht yo ushould have. i saw some really amazing work tongiht. pretty much, i would suggest going over to castleberry and just walking around and going ot all of the shows that are up right now. you will see some good stuff. that whole area has gotten really gentrified but the yuppies havent moved in yet. very up and coming place though. you should check it out.

i will be posting a shit ton of openings this weekend.

also, my zine will be published very soon... i will keep yopu posted.

on another note, i have been reading this magazine lately called frieze that is a british publication, but it has some really well written articles on the state of art today. reading it makes me want to move to london for a little while. anyways, its kinda pricey but they sell it at borders. ifg nothing else you should just go sit in the store for a little while and thumb through it.

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another please send us money. [12 Jul 2004|09:55am]

(I'm not sure if I will because I'm broke, but it might be nice if you're not broke.)


(Public Art Advocacy Council)



July 12, 2004

Evan Levy       404.523.3402

Bill Gignilliat  404.310.8727




Atlanta, Georgia -- Members of P.A.A.C. (Public Art Advocacy Council) have each individually mailed checks to Mayor Shirley Franklin in support of Atlanta’s Percent-for-Art program.  With the Mayor forced to devote attention to Atlanta’s many problems and running far behind in her efforts to implement the Percent-for-Art Ordinance that became law in July, 2001, and in recognition of the 3rd anniversary of the passage of the Percent-for-Art Ordinance which includes the new Public Art Master Plan, a unanimous decision was made by P.A.A.C. to send a dramatic message evidencing the broad community support for full implementation of the Percent-for-Art law.  P.A.A.C. encourages artists, art lovers, leaders in the arts community, major art institutions, foundations, corporations, patrons of the arts, families and the general public to show their support in this unique manner to encourage Mayor Franklin to complete full implementation of the Percent-for-Art law by sending their checks, however big or small, payable to the “Public Art Trust Fund” and mailed to:  Mayor Shirley C. Franklin at City of Atlanta, 55 Trinity Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30303 (Attn: Public Art Trust Fund).

The “Public Art Trust Fund” is mandated by Article 2. Percent-for-Art Ordinance,   Par.C.3. which provides: A Public Art Trust Fund, will be set up as an account within the Municipal Art Fund, to receive monies from corporations, foundations, individuals, families, and other institutions interested in providing financial support for the realization of public artworks throughout the City of Atlanta. The Public Arts Advisory Committee will act as a reviewing agency for funding public art projects with private funds. The Percent-for-Art Ordinance also provides in Article 10 that the Committee shall have certain responsibilities, including: Assist in raising private and foundation support for community-based public art projects by comprising the board of the Public Art Trust Fund. The Percent-for-Art Ordinance states a specific goal to develop a new approach to public art in Atlanta while it broadens the definition to include: 3) opportunities for artists to create artworks that inspire debate; and 4) venues for the expression and discussion of changing social, economic, and political issues. No longer will there be a strict limitation that excludes performance, theater, music, dance, spoken word, or other forms of artistic expression.

The Public Art Advocacy Council is an association of artists and arts advocates supporting Percent-for-art laws, existing and new public art programs in the metro area and the goal of having elected officials, policy makers and city planners recognize that artists have contributed to the quality of life in metro Atlanta and that artists should be included in all future planning and development.  P.A.A.C. member Evan Levy declares, “Artists want to ‘buck the status quo’ that has left cultural enterprise behind in the development of Atlanta.”  Another member, Bill Gignilliat, says “P.A.A.C. wanted to send a positive message, and considering the critical vote on the MOST tax, it was clear to all of us that the time was right to send much needed financial support for public art that would reverberate throughout the city signifying that Mayor Franklin had P.A.A.C.’s support, the offer of a new partnership and that artists, art lovers, and the entire community would benefit from having the sewer tax issue behind us.”

P.A.A.C. will encourage contributions to the Public Art Trust Fund, closely monitor the community’s response, report the total dollars donated to the Public Art Trust Fund, and encourage Mayor Franklin to appoint the citizen committee to oversee these Percent-for-Art funds by September, 2004.  P.A.A.C. looks forward to working with Mayor Franklin in support of the full implementation of the Percent-for-Art law projected by the Mayor for November 20, 2004. The Public Art Advocacy Council will recommend art in public spaces projects within the Percent-for-Art Public Art Master Plan process to dynamically bring excellence to the city’s public art program so Atlanta can compete on a level with other major cities, provide new opportunities for Atlanta’s artists, and realize Atlanta’s potential to have a world class public art collection for all of its citizens.

Make checks payable to:      Public Art Trust Fund

Mail checks to:                         Shirley C. Franklin, Mayor

                                                City of Atlanta

                                                55 Trinity Street, Atlanta, GA 30303

                                                Attention:   Public Art Trust Fund
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stuff [11 Jul 2004|09:21am]

ok, openings this friday:

-Marcia Wood Gallery
Marcus Kenny, Juan Perdiguero
-Hause Studios
Diane Hause
-Faye Gold
"A Summer Show" (might not be worth your time... i'll just say that im not going)
-Matre Gallery
Lu Steed "Paradise REvistied"
oil and cut out paper, really bright, might be worht checking out

ongoing that is worth checking out

"Striking Comparisons"
my friend curated this show and that is reason enough for you to go. no seriously, she did a goood job

*****check this one out*****(the one below)
-Swan Caoch House Gallery
"Scenes from a Heros Tale"
this has gotten a lot of good write ups and looks really good
up through august 7th

-Carlos Museum
no one else may care, but this show is the manuscript from jack kerouac's on the road
up through august 8th
-Solomon Projects
"Home GRown"
goes through july 31st
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Openings [08 Jul 2004|09:09am]

Marcia Wood Gallery - Marcus Kenny, Juan Perdiguero Opening Friday July 16th, 6 - 9 www.marciawoodgallery.com

(just from what I've heard, I think this might be the one to goto. Marcus Kenny "might" be out of Savannah Georgia, and his work is supposed to be pretty popular there.)

Hause Studios - Diane Hause, (former professor of mine), Opening Friday July 16th, 6 - 10 www.haustudio.com

(Photographs from the road, I still have yet to attend an opening here. Maybe this will be the first)

Atlanta Gallery Association - there is a string openings and events please check their webpage!

AGA Home Page Might need to do some searching for this months gallery events.

AGA Mailing list
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any upcoming shows? [04 Jul 2004|05:52pm]

hey, does anyone have some openings to post... anyone?

yes icarus_solution, i am referring to you. please put those openings up. with directions. please. i am going to see what there is to post as well.
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clidren children... i'm disappointed [25 Jun 2004|04:57pm]

[ mood | bl9inded by peoples creativity ]

ok, this is not a community in which people like to look at your art that you feel is good. join a community that has that purpose. this one is not for you. please go away. i dont want to look at oyur art, and as the moderasator that is enough.

if anyone posts anymore bad art, or any art for that matter that is not showing art at a gallery that they think someone should see so they know what to expect from a show, dont post. you will be given the boot from this community.

sorry to be a bitch, but events which occured while i was out of town have prompted hositilty. that is all.

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tori monday [19 Jun 2004|03:37pm]

hello interacts

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Michael Oliveri Fast Food, Hydrocarbons and Waves in Outer Space [19 Jun 2004|12:22am]

Ok kids. So this is where you should be next week on Saturday. Rub elbows, and pretend to be important. Everybody is doing it.

The Contemporary!!!
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