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another please send us money.

(I'm not sure if I will because I'm broke, but it might be nice if you're not broke.)


(Public Art Advocacy Council)



July 12, 2004

Evan Levy       404.523.3402

Bill Gignilliat  404.310.8727




Atlanta, Georgia -- Members of P.A.A.C. (Public Art Advocacy Council) have each individually mailed checks to Mayor Shirley Franklin in support of Atlanta’s Percent-for-Art program.  With the Mayor forced to devote attention to Atlanta’s many problems and running far behind in her efforts to implement the Percent-for-Art Ordinance that became law in July, 2001, and in recognition of the 3rd anniversary of the passage of the Percent-for-Art Ordinance which includes the new Public Art Master Plan, a unanimous decision was made by P.A.A.C. to send a dramatic message evidencing the broad community support for full implementation of the Percent-for-Art law.  P.A.A.C. encourages artists, art lovers, leaders in the arts community, major art institutions, foundations, corporations, patrons of the arts, families and the general public to show their support in this unique manner to encourage Mayor Franklin to complete full implementation of the Percent-for-Art law by sending their checks, however big or small, payable to the “Public Art Trust Fund” and mailed to:  Mayor Shirley C. Franklin at City of Atlanta, 55 Trinity Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30303 (Attn: Public Art Trust Fund).

The “Public Art Trust Fund” is mandated by Article 2. Percent-for-Art Ordinance,   Par.C.3. which provides: A Public Art Trust Fund, will be set up as an account within the Municipal Art Fund, to receive monies from corporations, foundations, individuals, families, and other institutions interested in providing financial support for the realization of public artworks throughout the City of Atlanta. The Public Arts Advisory Committee will act as a reviewing agency for funding public art projects with private funds. The Percent-for-Art Ordinance also provides in Article 10 that the Committee shall have certain responsibilities, including: Assist in raising private and foundation support for community-based public art projects by comprising the board of the Public Art Trust Fund. The Percent-for-Art Ordinance states a specific goal to develop a new approach to public art in Atlanta while it broadens the definition to include: 3) opportunities for artists to create artworks that inspire debate; and 4) venues for the expression and discussion of changing social, economic, and political issues. No longer will there be a strict limitation that excludes performance, theater, music, dance, spoken word, or other forms of artistic expression.

The Public Art Advocacy Council is an association of artists and arts advocates supporting Percent-for-art laws, existing and new public art programs in the metro area and the goal of having elected officials, policy makers and city planners recognize that artists have contributed to the quality of life in metro Atlanta and that artists should be included in all future planning and development.  P.A.A.C. member Evan Levy declares, “Artists want to ‘buck the status quo’ that has left cultural enterprise behind in the development of Atlanta.”  Another member, Bill Gignilliat, says “P.A.A.C. wanted to send a positive message, and considering the critical vote on the MOST tax, it was clear to all of us that the time was right to send much needed financial support for public art that would reverberate throughout the city signifying that Mayor Franklin had P.A.A.C.’s support, the offer of a new partnership and that artists, art lovers, and the entire community would benefit from having the sewer tax issue behind us.”

P.A.A.C. will encourage contributions to the Public Art Trust Fund, closely monitor the community’s response, report the total dollars donated to the Public Art Trust Fund, and encourage Mayor Franklin to appoint the citizen committee to oversee these Percent-for-Art funds by September, 2004.  P.A.A.C. looks forward to working with Mayor Franklin in support of the full implementation of the Percent-for-Art law projected by the Mayor for November 20, 2004. The Public Art Advocacy Council will recommend art in public spaces projects within the Percent-for-Art Public Art Master Plan process to dynamically bring excellence to the city’s public art program so Atlanta can compete on a level with other major cities, provide new opportunities for Atlanta’s artists, and realize Atlanta’s potential to have a world class public art collection for all of its citizens.

Make checks payable to:      Public Art Trust Fund

Mail checks to:                         Shirley C. Franklin, Mayor

                                                City of Atlanta

                                                55 Trinity Street, Atlanta, GA 30303

                                                Attention:   Public Art Trust Fund
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